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How to clean your computer from dust?

For clarity and understanding of your (what, for what goes), we the whole process is divided into several steps:
Turn off the system unit from the power supply and components (monitor, keyboard, mouse, audio speakers, etc.).
Stick out your system unit in the middle of the room and turn it on its side, the side that is “blind”, that is not open. This is done to ensure that we have full access to the contents of the system block on all sides.
Remove the side cover of the system unit. Basically it is mounted on two bolts on the rear side of the computer. Useful for loosening Phillips screwdriver. After removing the cover, put it aside and do not lose bolts!
Check the contents of the strength of attachment, all items must firmly “sitting” in their places, if you see items that are not attached to the box the system unit or to one of the boards – remove this element, since it may accidentally suck vacuum cleaner. If you intend to remove any parts for cleaning, we recommend that you first take a picture of the general form of the system unit from the inside. Otherwise, then you can forget that where and how to embed.
Now turn on the vacuum cleaner tube and walk (preferably with a narrow nozzle) along the entire area of the system unit. Tube (or head) should be in the 5-10 millimeters from the board. Where they (boards) no (bottom of the box, side parts or other elements) you can go back to back. When clean the first time, include only the power of a vacuum cleaner to understand – nothing terrible and dangerous in that there is no damage to the computer and fail.
By no means all the dust will be sucked vacuum cleaner, so it is advisable to have more with a brush, which you will carry on board and tamp layer of dust.
As a general rule, the larger layer of dust can be found on the cooler (fan that cooled the CPU, graphics card, etc.), as well as on the radiators (eg, under the cooler on the CPU). Therefore, these “fans” better off and thoroughly with a damp cloth to clean the blades and the area around the perimeter. Layer of dust with a vacuum cleaner to remove the radiator better, otherwise it can get into the middle of the plate, where to get it already will be very problematic. Mounted cooler, usually on four bolts around the edges, so the problems, especially not arise.
Special attention is paid video card cooler it can not be removed, but also requires careful maintenance, as in the presence of dust will “brake” in the games or even when watching widescreen movies. In addition, the cooler is very dusty video noise. Clean the charge to the ideal state is unlikely to succeed, but try as much as possible to reach all dusty places (vacuum cleaner, brush or cloth). The card can be removed and, but remember how it was attached, as well as a connector input.
Cleaning and subject to the power supply. However, there better not to go, enough to blow a good vacuum cleaner with a damp cloth and walk around the perimeter.
Try cloth boards do not touch, as they firstly very sensitive to water, and secondly, to have the ability to cling to the fabric. Thus, either the fabric will tear or pull out detail from the board (pognёte). Cloth you can walk through the back of the system unit, where the connectors, there also exists a considerable layer of dust, if not a long time to purge.